Premiata Forneria Marconi – I Dreamed of Electric Sheep

İtalyan progresif rock devi PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) bilim Kurgu temalı ‘I Dreamed of Electric Sheep’ adındaki 21. albümünü 22. Ekim’de yayımlıyor.

‘The whole process of creating a new piece of work is the result of a constant sharing of ideas and creativity. On this new album, Patrick and I act as the rhythm section, which works well because we really get along perfectly. One common thread between us is our great passion for Sci-Fi movies. In the past, we watched many of them together, one being the classic Blade Runner. One question in that movie really hit us: “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” It’s something that really made us think. The world has been changing around us; computers are taking over every aspect of our lives.

Covid-19 did a lot to accelerate this process. With people staying and working from home and kids taking virtual classes, not being able to go to school, it seems like everyone is rapidly becoming an android. Each one of us was kind of locked in himself and could not interact with others. The leading principle was avoiding social contact. This reminded us of one of Blade Runner’s main scenes when an android was asked about his mother. Obviously, being a machine, it could not have such a memory or personal experience on who its family was and where it came from.

From this we developed the concept for this new album. We believe in the power of people to use their imaginations. This is what really makes the difference between human beings and androids. Being able to dream affects your life, your creativity, your thoughts.’ – Franz Di Cioccio

Salgın nedeniyle kapanma döneminde ev stüdyolarında kayıt sürecini başladan Franz Di Cioccio (vokal, davul) ve Patrick Djivas (bas, klavye), Ian Anderson ve Steve Hackett tarafından destekleniyor.

Albüm İngilizce ve italyanca olarak iki dil, CD ve LP olarak yayımlanacak.

Franz Di Cioccio / Vokal, Davul
Patrick Djivas / Bas Gitar, Klavyeler

Ian Anderson / Flüt
Steve Hackett / Gitar

I Dreamed of Electric Sheep

  1. Worlds Beyond
  2. Adrenaline Oasis
  3. Let Go
  4. City Life
  5. If I Had Wings
  6. Electric Sheep
  7. Daily Heroes
  8. Kindred Souls
  9. Transhumance
  10. Transhumance Jam

Ho Sognato Pecore Elettriche

  1. Mondi Paralleli
  2. Umani Alieni
  3. Ombre Amiche
  4. La Grande Corsa
  5. AtmoSpace
  6. Pecore Elettriche
  7. Mr. Non Lo So
  8. Il Respiro Del Tempo
  9. Transumanza
  10. Transumanza Jam


Yeni kan albmler, gncel haberler, albm incelemeleri, mzisyen ve grup biyografileri, progresif rock tarihindeki nemli olaylar, tarihte bugn, dinleme listeleri gibi bir ok ierik

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