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27 Ağustos 2021- Yeni Çıkan Albümler

Eskähl 2020 Bordeaux​-​Toulouse​-​Perpignan

Force of Progress- Redesign

1. Ultra Conservation
2. Viral Signs I – Ambassador Of Light
3. Next
4. Viral Signs II – Incident 3030
5. Lady Lake
6. Redesign

Leprous- Aphelion

  1. Running Low
  2. Out of Here
  3. Silhouette
  4. All The Moments
  5. Have You Ever?
  6. The Silent Revelation
  7. The Shadow Side
  8. On Hold
  9. Castaway Angels
  10. Nighttime Disguise

Three Colours Dark- Love’s Lost Property

1. Love’s Lost Property

2. Dark Before Dawn

3. Requiem

4. Last Day On Earth

5. Wish I Wished You Wel

l6. The Circus

7. Ordinary World

8. Eye For An Eye

9. Love’s Lost Property (Reprise)

Comet Control- Inside The Sun

1. Keep on Spinnin’
2. Welcome to the Wave
3. Secret Life
4. Good Day to Say Goodbye
5. Inside the Sun
6. The Afterlife
7. Heavy Moments
8. The Deserter

Kosmogon- MÄSSAN

1. MÄSSAN 25:00 (Linder/Barker)

 2. SOMNUS 22.59 (Linder/Barker) 

The Neal Morse Band- Innocence & Danger


1.Do It All Again
2.Bird On A Wire
3.Your Place In The Sun
4.Another Story To Tell
5.The Way It Had To Be
7.Not Afraid Pt. 1
8.Bridge Over Troubled Water


1.Not Afraid Pt.
2.Beyond The Years

Jinjer- Wallflowers

  1. Call Me a Symbol
  2. Colossus 
  3. Vortex
  4. Disclosure! 
  5. Copycat 
  6. Pearls and Swine 
  7. Sleep of the Righteous 
  8. Wallflower
  9. Dead Hands Feel No Pain
  10. As I Boil Ice
  11. Mediator 

Be Bop Deluxe / Live! In The Air Age 16-disc box set


Yeni kan albmler, gncel haberler, albm incelemeleri, mzisyen ve grup biyografileri, progresif rock tarihindeki nemli olaylar, tarihte bugn, dinleme listeleri gibi bir ok ierik

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