20 Ağustos 2021- Yeni Çıkan Albümler

Zahn- ZAHN

  1. Zerrung
  2. Pavian
  3. Tseudo
  4. Gyhum
  5. Schranck
  6. Lochsonne Schwarz
  7. Aykroyd
  8. Stauv

Terminus- The Silent Bell Toll

  1. The Failure og Grief
  2. Dying to Breathe
  3. Black Swan
  4. The Lion’s Den
  5. Origin of Fossils
  6. The Falcon
  7. The Silent Bell Toll
  8. Dawn of Fire
  9. Oh Madrigal

Mythopoeic Mind – Hatchling

  1. Fear Fiesta
  2. Winter of ’73
  3. Fog Vision
  4. Cottage of Lost Play
  5. Hatchling
  6. Supreme Vision

Caravan- Who Do You Think We Are? (37- Disc Box Set)

Amanda Lehmann- Innocence and Illusion

1. Who Are The Heroes?
2. Tinkerbell
3. Only Happy When It Rains
4. The Watcher
5. Memory Lane
6. Forever Days
7. We Are One
8. Childhood Delusions
9. Where The Small Things Go

The Osiris Club – The Green Chapel

1. Phantasm

2. Moscow

3. The Inmost Light part 1

4. The Inmost Light part 2

5. Diamonds In The Wishing Well

6. Count Magnus

7. The Green Chapel I: The Green Chapel

8. The Green Chapel II: Blind Hare & The Pale Lady

9. The Green Chapel III: Winter’s EndThe Green Chapel IV: My Lord The Sun

10. The Crow

Trifecta – Fragments

  1. Clean Up On Aisle Five
  2. Check Engine Light
  3. Proto Molecule
  4. Auntie
  5. Venn Diagram
  6. The Enigma Of Mr. Fripp
  7. Sally Doo-Dally
  8. Have You Seen What The Neighbours Are Doing?
  9. The Mute Gospel
  10. Pavlov’s Dog Killed Schrodinger’s Cat
  11. Voyage Of Discovery
  12. Nightmare In Shining Armor 02:00
  13. Dry Martini
  14. Lie 2 Me And Take My Money
  15. Hold It Like That

Argos- The Other Life

1.Chameleon Sky
2.Broken Mirror
3.The Twilight Mind
4.Johnny Head-in-Air
5.I Carry Light
6.The Trial of the Pyx
7.Weak End
8.The Shall See Hotel
9.The Library of the Future


Yeni kan albmler, gncel haberler, albm incelemeleri, mzisyen ve grup biyografileri, progresif rock tarihindeki nemli olaylar, tarihte bugn, dinleme listeleri gibi bir ok ierik

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